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The picture is Whitefield Chapel in Savannah, Georgia, where the Rev. Robert E. Baxter was preaching at the Organizational Meeting of the Kirk O' the Isles Presbyterian Church where Dr. Michael A. Milton was the Founding Pastor. Mr. Baxter is making a characteristic point--AIMING HIGH!

Dr. Michael A. Milton, close friend of Pastor Bob, seated in front, to the left of center in the picture, became Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga, and after that he was Chancellor of Reformed Theological Seminary, and now he is with the D. James Kennedy think tank and TV production, TRUTHS THAT TRANSFORM.

Aim High is my modern paraphrase and abridgment of the old classic published in 1650 by Richard Baxter, entitled, The Saints’ Everlasting Rest. This modern paraphrase was published in 1977, before the U. S. Airforce started using the motto in its ads.  

The book is available to read online at

However, the information about ordering the book is outdated at the above website and postage rates have increased to the extent that to order a copy of the book now

you should write to me at the following address and include your mailing address and $10 which will cover the postage too:

Robert E. Baxter

23470 Fifth Avenue

Florala, AL 36442

This book has helped healthy Christians to look up and meditate on their eternal life in Christ. It has also encouraged dying Christians to look up to their heavenly home. It lifts our vision to heaven. It obeys Colossians 3:1-2, “If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.” (NKJV) 

Richard Baxter’s devotional classic, The Saints’ Everlasting Rest, has inspired Christians for centuries. Hardly anyone reads it today because of its old language and style. So I paraphrased it in modern language and abridged it for our fast-paced life. It has been a helpful book for people with fatal diseases. I wrote it to meet that need. In the back of the book I have included an Appendix of “Helpful Passages for the Sick, Troubled, or Dying,”

When Richard Baxter wrote the book, he was in such bad health that he lived in continual expectation of death. It was for his own use that he fixed his thoughts on this heavenly subject. He testified that it benefited him more “than all the studies of my life.” Afterwards he preached on the subject regularly and finally published the book in 1650.

Baxter pointed people to heaven, and the result was more heavenly living on earth. My modern version, Aim High, has been used as a required text book for students in Theological Seminary, but it is written simply for any layman in vigorous language. A boy under 7 years old was able to read it, though he said the first chapter was hard for him.

My publisher back in 1977 thought to appeal to the public by billing the book as an answer to “transcendental meditation.” Although that TM craze has faded, the message of this book teaches us the practical value of meditating on God’s revealed promises.

I hired a professional photographer to accompany me to the rare book room of a library where I held the fragile pages of Richard Baxter’s own third edition, published in 1652. He took photographs of the book. One of the photographs of a page from that original was supposed to appear on page 15 of my book. The heading on that page says, “A LOOK AT RICHARD BAXTER’S OWN WORK.” To my chagrin, the page is blank! The publisher neglected to include it. However, the rest of the book makes up for it.

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