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To God Be the Glory!

The purpose of this web site is to glorify God.

This is the web site of Robert E. Baxter ("Pastor Bob")
Thank you for visiting this site.

Our new address is:

14001 W 133rd Street

Apartment 225

Olathe, KS 66062

  This is the church where I preached

in 2014 and 2015.

We always cherish our fond memories

of First Presbyterian Church, Florala, AL

and beautiful Lake Jackson.

First Presbyterian Church, Florala, Alabama

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Thank you for YOUR visit to my website! 

You may email me at bob.baxter@gmail.com

Thanks be to God for bringing the total visits

to this website to over 43,000.

To see PICTURES of First Presbyterian Church, Florala,

please visit Facebook at


To see a picture of Lake Jackson in Florala on this website click on the link

called "What's New" at the bottom of this page.   It is so beautiful!

I am Robert E. Baxter, known as "Pastor Bob" in the Churches I have served.
I have recently moved to Florala, Alabama, on the border of Florida and Alabama.
First Presbyterian Church is located on Highway 331 at 23500 5th Avenue.
As Jesus taught his disciples by the shores of Lake Galilee,
we teach what He taught near the beach of Lake Jackson,
the largest natural lake in Alabama.
We believe the Bible is the infallible and inerrant Word of God.

Seeing my picture, you may appreciate this true story.
My youngest granddaughter was at a ballgame with our family
and was sitting in the bleachers behind me.
She looked down at the top of my head and asked,
"Grandpa, when it rains, do the rain drops hurt your head?"
Grandma thought that was funny! So did I!
I replied, "No, the rain drops don't hurt, but when it rains, I am the first to know it!"
You can see why!

I am a sinner saved by grace. My only way to meet God's demands for perfect righteousness is through Christ's perfect life.

My only hope is in the mercy of God through the perfect work and life of my Savior Jesus Christ.

I am thankful that the Lord enabled me to preach the free grace of God for sixty years--

free for us but so costly for Christ who purchased us with His own blood on the cross.

I rejoice in the Lord.  

‘The LORD is our righteousness.’  Jeremiah 23:6 (ESV) 

This web site is to rejoice in the Savior.  It is not to promote myself.

I cannot help you; I cannot help myself,

but the Savior can!

For five years I preached annually at First Presbyterian Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee

where Dr. Anthony Milton was Senior Pastor.

The picture shows me preaching there at his Installation Service

with the former pastor, the famous Ben Haden, listening (lower right side of the picture).


For information about my son, the Rev. James A. Baxter,

Pastor of New Hope Presbyterian Church in America,

visit the page I have included in this site under his name.

It shows pictures of the Church he is now serving in Olathe, Kansas.

See the page about my father, E. W. Baxter,

where you can see a picture of his large oil painting of a ship at sea.

Books I recommend to thoughtful readers

  • FINISH by R. Mark Baxter, 2011, Tate Publishing (also available as an eBook)

          It includes a year's journal of his time in China.

  • HEAVEN by Randy Alcorn, 2008, Tyndale House Publishers 

          It answers many questions about heaven with an abundance of Biblical references.

  • A SCANDALOUS FREEDO0M by Steve Brown, 2004, Howard Publishing  -  A great book on GRACE
  • PAIN: THE GIFT NOBODY WANTS by Paul Brand, 1993, Zondervan  -  A practical book on the benefits of PAIN (You still won't want it! Undecided ) 
  • THE GRACE AWAKENING by Charles Swindoll, 1996, Word - More about the essence of the Christian life
  • WHAT GOD STARTS, GOD COMPLETES by Michael A Milton, 2007, Focus  - Powerful & personal about God's way of working in our lives 
  • THE COMING REVOLUTION by R. Mark Baxter, 2007, Tate Publishing

      It's about MISSIONS by the trainer of missionaries who has ministered in 115 countries

  • I recommend listening to the Audio Bible by Max McLean at:


See the CARTOON page for a cartoon updated once a week.

Here is a summary of what the Lord has chosen to do with my life so far.

  While I was in college, over 60 years ago, I started preaching at a small Presbyterian Church in Iowa.

There I met my wife, the blonde who sang in the choir. 

After I graduated from Theological Seminary, I was ordained in 1957 and served First Presbyterian Church in Sanborn, Iowa for 4 years, then First Presbyterian Church in Minnesota for 6 years, then First Presbyterian Church, Olathe, Kansas. I was a Presbyterian pastor for 26 years in Olathe, Kansas. My son is now Senior Pastor of New Hope Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Olathe, Kansas.

Having moved SOUTH from Minnesota to Kansas in 1967, I moved farther south to South Carolina in 1993, where I served Mount Calvary Presbyterian Church for 7 years. I went even farther south and served First Presbyterian Church, Dothan, Alabama, for 13 years. At first I was an interim preacher there in 2001. At the age of 82, I was called to First Presbyterian Church, Florala, Alabama, and started my ministry there on June 1st, 2014. That is even a little farther south on the Florida/Alabama border, but not as far south as when I served in Australia and New Zealand!  Laughing

I loved living just a block from Lake Jackson, the largest natural lake in Alabama. I had preached even farther south when I preached for 3 months in Australia,

at Lismore, NSW in 1970, and another 3 months in New Plymouth, New Zealand in 1975.  I loved living in the SOUTH, and was thankful that I could preach

the Good News of Jesus Christ to people in my old age of 84.  Now I am still preaching to retired folks at Bloom Living, in Olathe, Kansas. 

Our older son Mark Baxter is a missionary who has ministered in 115 countries, and he teaches missionaries at the Jacksonville base.

Our daughter is also engaged in Christian work as Director of the Rachel House ministry in five cities of the Kansas City area.

We have 10 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. 

I endorse
Global Media Outreach
an organization that is reaching people with the Gospel around the world by means of the internet with volunteer missionaries trained to share the Gospel and disciple new believers. It continues Bill Bright's vision to reach everyone on the planet with the Good News of the Gospel of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ by 2020.
I encourage you to visit their up-to-the-minute electronic site showing where people are being reached in all parts of the world moment by moment.

Click on this URL to go to their website now:


I am so enthusiastic about this way that you could learn to share the Gospel, that I became a GMO missionary too and took the training to learn first hand how it works, and have multiplied a little by recruiting two other missionaries to do the same. I have had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with people from 64 countries so far in this way. Perhaps this is something you could do also, whatever your age, wherever you live! If interested, contact www.globalmediaoutreach.com/

To see a video about the life and work of Jesus, based on the Gospel of Luke, choose the page called MISSIONS

from the left column or from the bottom of this page, and then click on the words "JESUS MOVIE" toward the end of the page.

To see a video about the immensity of what John 1:3 says the Lord Jesus made

("All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made") 

copy and paste this URL to your browser!


The Creator was able to become human to visit us in this world He created,

in order for us to get to know Him and His love for us.

You may want to turn down your sound as you view the video,

because it is very inferior to the video. 

My book is available at www.Amazon.com used and new, but beware of some excessively high prices online.

To save the mailing charges, just send me an email to order it for $10 postage paid.


To read my book free on the internet, 

--my modern paraphrase of Richard Baxter's classic,
The Saints' Everlasting Rest--
click on this URL and it will take you to a list of the chapters
where you can click on any chapter you would like to read:



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